Welcome to Northamptonshire Dog Watch         In association with Neighbourhood Watch *Please note that Northamptonshire Dog Watch is only available to  residents who live in the Northamptonshire Policing area* PLEASE HELP US TO PREVENT ALL TYPES OF CRIME Last up-dated June 2019

Welcome to Northamptonshire Dogwatch. Dogwatch is operated in association with Neighbourhood Watch and is entirely staffed by volunteers. It has full support and an effective relationship with Northamptonshire Police and Northamptonshire County, Borough and District councils, and support is increasing in other areas. Dogwatch was successfully launched in June 2011 and covers the whole of Northamptonshire with an ever increasing membership in excess of 1100 members.

For those not yet familiar about the concept of Dogwatch, it is open to all walkers and runners with or without a dog, just anyone who likes getting out and about in our lovely countryside. Please note parents consent required for those under 16.

Dog walkers are often the means by which vital evidence is found as dogs stray into areas not normally frequented by passers-by. Remember the missing link in many crimes is often in out of the way places in the countryside, e.g. stolen vehicles, items of clothing, weapons, and tools etc.

The Dog Watch scheme has the potential to solve a crime and can make a difference to the surrounding community, as many undetected or ignored problems are reported and dealt with. It may be an abandoned vehicle, fly tipping, graffiti or criminal damage etc.

When joining Dogwatch you will receive a pack with advice and general information, a Dog Watch badge and contact details on how to contact the relevant authorities.

To become a member, either complete the enrolment form by clicking on the link above or by calling 101 ex 341148.

If you wish to write to us the address is:

          Northamptonshire Dog Watch

          Wellingborough Police Station

          Midland Road, Wellingborough


          NN8 1HF